U N / D I V I D E D

Civil conversations on faith, race, class, and gender.


About us

There is an assumption in our national discourse that only the most divisive and angry rhetoric will have the final say.

We believe otherwise.

Civil discourse is a generative and powerful form of activism, and one that is vital to our democracy.

UN/DIVIDED aims to create spaces for civil discourse on topics that relate to faith, race, class, and gender. 

UN/DIVIDED launches on November 8th. For more information, visit our website www.undividedpodcast.com.

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UN/DIVIDED is hosted by Rachael Adams, Jessica Seymour, Frank Ernesto, and Santiago Then.

We want to thank FactNotFiction for our theme song "Lonely Dreamer". You can hear their album "On Friends and Oppenheimer" on Bandcamp or wherever you listen to your music.

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